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About LANCER: A New Century

by SouthernFrau

********(Please note, with Southernfrau’s untimely passing, all enquiries must be made to Kit Prate. You will find Kit’s stories on her page Kit and email address her at

This AU, Lancer ANC (A New Century) would never have come to fruition without the invaluable assistance of Kit Prate. I wrote this beginning story of the AU, Lancer ANC, and then Kit very graciously edited it, including tweaking it with some additions and revisions. Kit has also authored some back history to add for all the principal characters that will be used in future stories in the series that we are planning together. Due to her participation, and creative ideas used in the finished version of this story, I feel she deserves/earned credit and a pivotal role in the development of this AU series; therefore this AU will be open (after story two) with perimeters. The perimeters will be set by Southernfrau and Kit, so if you would like to write in this AU, please, contact us first.


For years Murdoch Lancer has left the raising of his sons to other men, mistakenly thinking this would keep them safe from the retaliatory and vindictive actions of the drug lords he has spent years fighting. Not being an active presence in his son’s lives — except for sporadic clandestine visits in remote locations — is one of his greatest sorrows; but he has endured it stoically for their benefit, until the day events transpire to add grief to his sorrow. 

Murdoch Lancer, age 52 , is as a much decorated 5 star Marine General with almost thirty years under his belt as a career military man. Respected for his ability to lead men and organize highly successful covert operations, he has spent years traveling to South America working with the CIA and DEA fighting the drug trafficking war. He also oversees a vast secret training base for civilian and military field operatives; located on his massive cattle ranch in California.

Scott Lancer, age 24 , is a Navy Seal who began his military career in Naval Intelligence. Raised by his grandfather, the young man was educated privately and entered Harvard at fifteen; winning an appointment to Annapolis two years later. The youngest midshipman ever admitted to Annapolis; Scott was also the youngest man to ever graduate. Already, he has completed two tours of duty in Iraq and is currently reassigned back to Naval Intelligence at the Pentagon. The young man is known for his cool head, his dedication to the mission; and his uncanny ability to learn foreign languages and decipher codes. Scott keeps in touch with his younger brother and father through secure cell phones. He has also used his resources with Naval Intelligence to keep tabs on them and their activities. Mature beyond his years, he fully understands why his father has stayed in the shadows with regards to his sons: Murdoch Lancer will sacrifice everything to keep his boys safe.

Johnny Lancer, age 18 , is a an Olympic Sharpshooter, having won gold medals in the 2008 Beijing Games in the following events – – 25m rapid fire pistol (60 shots) Men,- 50m rifle 3 positions (3×40 shots) Men,- 50m rifle prone (60 shots) Men,- double trap (150 targets) Men,- skeet (125 targets) Men,- trap (125 targets) Men. The youth competes under the name Johnny Madrid; the name he has used since he was two years old, after an attempted kidnapping that resulted in his mother’s murder and his alleged death. Although Johnny has been told countless times his family is being kept apart because of Murdoch’s continuing concerns over their safety; the young man feels a deep resentment that the real reason for the separation is that his father has chosen his career over his sons.

Jellifer B. Hoskins, age 66 , is a former Gunnery Sergeant who served with Murdoch. After Columbian drug lords kidnapped Maria Lancer and her two year old son, Johnny, from Lancer — killing Maria — Jelly left active duty to become the child’s legal guardian. He has spent the last sixteen years raising Johnny on his ranch in Sabinal, Texas. Johnny refers to Jelly as Gramps.

Harlan Garrett, age 77 , is the father of Murdoch’s first wife Catherine, who died after childbirth. Scott was visiting with Harlan when the raid at Lancer ranch occurred and Murdoch’s second wife was murdered. At General Lancer’s request, Harlan assumed full guardianship of Scott, who was eight; and even offered to take Johnny so the brother’s could be raised together. However, the news media had already announced the tragic death of Johnny and his mother. There had also been a very public story released that the powerful Harlan Garrett had — after a very bitter battle — won full custody of his only Grandchild who would no longer have any contact with his father; whose parental rights had been terminated. The ruse has worked for almost sixteen years; and — in truth — Harlan and Murdoch — have reached a friendly accord. Many family vacations have been hosted by the multi-millionaire at his many homes across the country and overseas.

Thanks and acknowledgements

Thanks to Amber, Cheryl P and Kit for encouraging me, or perhaps I should say egging me on, to pull the Lancers into modern times. Especially to Kit for reading along as I wrote and offering some fine suggestions. You really did keep me going!!

Some of this might not be possible or plausible…but really who gives a flying flip or a Dixie farting cartwheel…it’s FICTION!!

Extra Special Thanks: To Kit’s son, former paratrooper and jump master Bill P. for his technical expertise on parachutes.

August 2009

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